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  1. It is an interesting question you raise, but it is all about perspective. I personally consider the IDF a terrorist organisation of the same level as HAMAS that has blatantly broken many treaties with impunity. Both are waging a horrible war involving terrorist tactics, one side (you can guess which) just happens to have vastly superior firepower and the backing of the United States so doesnt get viewed that way.

  2. That is exactly why I love your blog so much. Your writing is so detailed and realistic that every time you tell us about your amazing adventures I feel I'm standing right next to you experiencing the whole thing for myself. And because you're awesome of course :)Glad you made it home safe and had a great time in Poland 🙂

  3. Les outils de remplacements vont êtres nécessaires, car il est vrai qu'avec Google, c'est souvent les liens pénalisants que l'on ne vois pas. Il serait temps que Google mette en place un moyen de contrer les "deréférenceurs blackhat".A oins que Bing prépare un meilleur outil, ce qui serait stratégiquement, une preuve de compétence … )

  4. The very core of your writing while sounding reasonable at first, did not really sit properly with me after some time. Somewhere throughout the sentences you actually managed to make me a believer but only for a very short while. I still have got a problem with your leaps in logic and one might do nicely to help fill in all those breaks. In the event you can accomplish that, I could surely be amazed.

  5. Nej, jag förstÃ¥r att de mÃ¥ste ha en gräns, om inte annat med tanke pÃ¥ priset. Det är synd det där, för kostnaden för dem fÃ¥r mig att känna mig som en skurk varje gÃ¥ng jag lÃ¥nar… Hoppas de hittar en bra lösning snart. DÃ¥ jäklar ska det lÃ¥nas ännu mer…!

  6. Why thanks! Things have progressed much farther now. It’s pretty crazy how a summer of sunny weather can help you dive into film. I’ve expanded my camera collection quite a bit and have a photoblog . The dark red .. not good. Was the film expired? Did other films work? What were you shooting with and in what conditions? Slide film is picky and likes sun and outdoors. I guess you could shoot with flash, but I’ve never tried it.

  7. A couple of weeks ago Robert Orci confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch is not playing Gary Mitchell in the sequel. In an interview with Trekmovie he sticks by his original comment. For now Star Trek's writers are trying their best not to talk about who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing.

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  9. kkkkkkkkk, Batman: Under the red hood é tão bom que concorre duas vezes na mesma categoria só pra garantir!!00:17:32 – Adaptações * Melhor Adaptação: o 9ª temporada de Smallville o Batman: Under the Red Hood o Curta do Arqueiro Verde o Liga da Justiça: Crise em Duas Terras o Red – Aposentados e Perigosos o Batman: Under the Red Hood

  10. savings and food storage is depleted rapidly during times of unemployment–I do know that Father in Heaven is taking care of us–We were really ‘proud’ of not ‘taking’–we have prayed that Jesus will be here before the amount we paid in (not counting inflation/interest) is gone–I have a hunch He will–

  11. hola, solo quería decir que aunque tengo 15 años he ido siguiendo todas las pelis de Tim Burton, y para mí son las mejores.Des de la primera vez que ví Nightmares before Christmas fui buscando mas pelis de Burton.Para mí es el mejor, no hay nadie como él.

  12. it ok. I’m in a wedding 2 months after R is born, so I want to make sure I can squeeze into that dress! But I agree with Brandi, I’ve heard a lot of healthy eating really helps! Now we just get to see if it works lol! Good luck! We can be “loose the baby weight” buddies together![]

  13. i agree, most ppl are more materialistic now. but i'm sure ppl that appreciate hand made cards still exist! (: i have tonnes of unpublished posts and outburst entries too. i don't throw them away. instead i kept them and took out to laugh at what i was thinking at that point in time (: its ok! anw! happy holidays! 😀 mine ends like 2nd dec evening paper )):

  14. Not much will happen even in a few thousand years. This video shows the break up of Pangea which began 250 million years ago. There were several ‘super-continents’ before this too. After all, the Earth is 4.5 billion years old And don’t worry about 2012 – nothing will happen In 50 million years from now, California will be a part of Alaska and Africa will be split in to 3 separate pieces, among many other changes to all the continents worldwide. Look it up on Wikipedia – it’s fascinating.

  15. Luiz Eduardo Rocha Paiva / Agradeço pela publicação do perfil de meu pai. Em 1987, quando passou à reserva, ele era o último remanescente da FEB na ativa.Sempre dizia a mim e a meu irmão “Nunca conflite com a sua consciência e você sempre terá orgulho de si próprio”.Gen Bda R1 Rocha Paiva

  16. SerenityIt’s so cool to me that FOUR of the commenters have actually been there. In a typical day I don’t run into a lot of people who’ve been to Paris. Anyway, I’m so looking forward to my turn. And, May, don’t tell my boss, but I do that with jobs. Haven’t ever felt settled yet.

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  21. Wenn es "nur" mager wäre, könnte man es vielleicht noch ertragen wenn es wirklich übel zusammenbricht (und das wird immer wahrscheinlicher, je mehr Milliarden weiter rausgepülvert werden) geht es nicht mehr um weniger sondern NUR noch darum zu überleben. Schlagwort Hungerwinter 1948. Und es ist klar die Manipulateure werden immer dreister, gemeiner und gefährlicher……..

  22. Yes, but how long will the effect last? I recommend that T.V. screens, permanently tuned to the great leader, be hung from the walls of every bedroom or office, just to be sure. Perhaps these “telescreens” can include web cams, monitored by psychologists such as Friedman and Marx to insure that the population doesn’t let their thoughts drift to something less productive.

  23. We're talking about the psychometric construct called "verbal ability", not English speaking ability. Setting aside the fact that we are actually talking about English ability, the PISA data does not support your claim for Asian superiority in general "verbal ability". Maybe you can say that an atypical sample of Chinese in an exam-cram school in Shanghai have excellent verbal ability, or score well on a test designed to measure that ability.

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  31. for those waiting for the Ag to do something….its not going to happen.The position is a joke since it is a non-elected position.Regarding “Bum” Sotto…the family has filed a lawsuit against this guy and the case is winding thru the court system.bikespinning

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  35. Merci pour votre réponse TKT. Rien à dire ou redire… It’s life, vous êtes la preuve que l’instinct maternel n’est pas inné et n’est pas inhérent à toutes les femmes !


  37. On s’endort ici, non ?, en tout cas moi je m’endors. Rien ne vient faire débat. Quid de Murakami chez Perrotin ? De Veilhan à Versailles ?…Pourrions-nous passer, ici, de la vitesse de croisière ronronnante au turbo fulgurant ?Merci bien. Un lecteur qui s’endort…

  38. Also ich mochte total “Biene Maja” und “Mila -Superstar” … Biene Maja gucke ich nun wieder mit unserem kleinen Sohn … Mila wird ja leider nicht mehr ausgestrahlt… im Falle eines Gewinnes, bevorzuge ich eine Blu-ray….aber würde selbstverständlich auch eine DVD nehmen!

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  40. Ich lach mich grad kringelig Das ist doch mal ne hübsche Idee – und wer die Musik bestellt, bezahlt sie doch auch, oder?! Also könnte der werte Herr ja schonmal seinen Dispo erhöhen, dann kann er die Umrüstung anstreben.Oder vielleicht doch nochmal nachdenken, dass dieser “Lärm” durchaus Sinn hat.Grüßle,Nightflow

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  44. Yeti, please don’t reproduce the full text of articles from the press here. It’s a breach of copyright. It’s acceptable to link and summarise, or extract a quote, but you really shouldn’t be lifting all the text.

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  50. As I read this post, I was sure that I would know the “reason the new plan succeeded.” I was sure that someone would say that is was because it was according to God’s plan. Because we sought God’s direction and prayerfully considered how we might join in God’s work. Surprisingly, both the reasons given for success and for failure were solely upon the people. Hmmm.

  51. #40 Don’t understand why these renters would be upset, little do they know that renters are the lucky ones in today’s housing market. If these people would chill out and have a drink or two then they will realize that they are the lucky and smart ones at the moment who didn’t cave into the “Buy now and be priced out forever” tantrums.

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  54. oh i love that it looks like a pretty piece of furniture if anything anyways !!..love your sunnies.. i can never wear sunglasses as i always feel like ive got a false nose on with them they just dont suit me!!loving your tights, you got some great colours to..thats what i cant wait to get out my tights.. all this shaving and false tanning just gets boring by this time of year i find!!.. charlx

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  57. I watched this video today with the comment about the dog eating part of the dinosaur! We have a puppy who has an affinity for anything that falls onto the floor! And yes, he has eaten clay! Only a tiny bit, but I do try to keep him away from my work area. 😀

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  60. Hey,For somebody so academic, I find it hard to respect your opinion on Twilight as you haven't actually read the books. I was pretty anti-it , but although I find the films horrfically bad, I can appreciate that the novels themselves are well written and their allegory type structure raises interesting themes.Not better than Harry Potter, I'll admit, but I think it is perhaps a little foolish to condem something on the internet before seeing both sides, like a true intelectual.I hope that didn't sound rude.Hx

  61. a good thing old timey record players, hi-fi and vynil records are making a big comeback….musicians may actually get paid and be able to get free publicity on You Tube!!! First Ammendment and Fourth Ammendment are still in effect (for over 200 years.)

  62. I have been a Vancouver resident my whole life and grew up not 2 blocks from the base of the tram and have never seen The peak of Christmas, Now a father of three I would love to take my childen to see this attraction , I feel it would be an amazing experience for them.

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  65. Brielle looks like her mother’s agemate…sad…in the last picture with just the kids I was wondering where Brielle was and then after 3 looks I realized it was her and not Kim…no 14 year old should have such a ‘lived’ look

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  70. I want to thank everyone who added their thoughts to this discussion for doing so. I’m still struggling with what my gut tells me (“This is racism”), and what my head tells and asks me (“We have plenty of racism in the US. Do I have a right to point it out elsewhere?”). Your p0ints of view definitely help me look at this complicated issue from many angles, as I hope they’ve done for others.

  71. offside: when you’re in France, can you make sure you get lots of lovely fresh sunflower seeds for the Jamster: it’s hungry and no-one is feeding, so some nice fresh seeds from France would be a fine thing.

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  82. Not sure about your hem dilemma as I quite like your SS dress the way it is, it looks fab with that belt. I have no problem with tartan (I wore it for 11yrs when I was a 'Caledonian girl') and think you look divine in your gorge tartan dress. x

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  87. very good summary, I would add that they are also very upset about “pueblo” voting for him, including ex-chavistas. They expected the primarias to fail and they would have ignored the winner. But now they really fear that Esteban could not be reelected.It hurts so bad, que chillan…

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